• Orlando Meet A Blast!

    Fans in Central Florida gathered on March 3rd, 2012 to celebrate the grand re-opening of the newly revised Orlando show at Universal Studios Orlando Resort. Blue Man Group unveiled their new show bringing elements from the National Tour to the theme park stage. READ MORE

  • Vegas WoW's Fan Base

    The fans gather once again this year in Las Vegas to join the fan meet activities of backstage tour, behind the scenes soundcheck with Q&A and so much more at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. Blue Man Group debuts their brand new theatrical show on the strip. click here for more info.

  • Blue in Berlin

    European fans celebrated in true Blue Man Group style this past weekend in Berlin, Germany at the annual fan meet event. For the Recap Podcast , click here.

  • Chicago Meet Success

    On Saturday, August 4th over 40 people came to Chicago’s Briar Street Theatre for the 2012 Blue Man Group “Fan Meet.” This special group of Blue Man Group fans came from across the country and were treated to meet and greets with the cast and crew, backstage access and a special Q & A session with the performers. READ MORE


    Blue Man Group WOW's the nation with the unveiling of their new "Shake Your Euphemism," on the two hour season finale of America's Got Talent. More info: Click Here.

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Monte Carlo First Impressions

IMG 1138

Blue Man Group on Stage at Monte Carlo Resort & Casino[/caption]From the perspective of a fan of Blue Man Group that has been on this journey with the company, actors and performers for over twelve years now, and to accurately describe my feelings and emotions after seeing the brand new production is the most challenging thing I've ever done. Not only is the new show loaded with tons of new material, but the compositions and musical pieces have all been tweaked, redone or are brand new. So to better describe this new show for you, let's start from the top, the pre-show and seating as you enter the theater.

Walking into the new Blue Man Group Theater, I immediately was whisked away by the music that was playing during seating. Never before have I heard such a surreal and enchanting piece of Blue Man style music, but added flare of new age and tribal highlights. I'm not even sure what the new seating music is called, but I fully understand why the previous used music "Dulcimer" is no longer part of the show, it just doesn't fit the scale of this technological wonder of a production. I could literally close my eyes, and be taken away by the music itself, and then I noticed the walls moving. New HD projection technology, which is frequently seen in theme parks from Disney to Universal, is now a part of the pre-show spectacle. The side columns become animated, and part of the show itself, which is an awesome highlight and detail.


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Merging of Two Worlds - The power of three

L-R : Marco, Joe & Hans

Five years ago, no one could have imagined that 3 Blue Man Group fans, all from different cultures, internationalities and backgrounds would converge on a single idea, Blue Man Group. It's been something long overdue for the fan community, and we feel the "power of three" not only speaks for the Blue Man trio itself, but for this newly formed team that is passionate about all things blue. For the first time ever, we're proud to deliver to the Blue Man Group fan community one unified web site that is the best of both worlds, past, present and a long fruitful future. The fan community all knows the three individuals Marco, Hans and Joe from their countless years of organizing fan meets, planning charity events, running online community web sites and being active members alongside a host of intellectual fans who have a passion for, and admire the Blue Man Group.

Joe Burke, aka 'rotcav' or 'rottie' to the older fans, is recognized for his work on creating the single most largest Blue Man Group fan site to date known simply worldwide as the BML (BlueManLibrary.com). Joe started running the fan site on February 14th, 2001, and due to financial circumstances, Joe's hand was forced to turn the switch off on the BML in 2010. Joe's passion for the fan community and Blue Man Group ceased, and later in 2010, Joe was invited by Blue Man Productions of New York to become an "Insider." Filling the gap of the long lost BML, fans now had a chance to go backstage with the performers and actors we admire, and enjoy countless interviews, travels and occasional "Random Acts of Kindness."

Marco Spelde and Hans Swaerdens, longtime friends are certainly no strangers to the fan community, and their efforts have been astounding with the planning of fan meets, contests, prizes, interviews and running their own fan web site BMGFans.com. They originally got their start as "Blue Man Group Fans Holland," but later incorporated a more international status after the closing of the BML. Slowly, their site became the main focal point for the entire fan community of yesterday and today. Fans finally had a home to post messages, plan gatherings and be themselves in the fan community. Then, due to circumstances not forseen, all was lost. BMGFans.com had undergone a server crash, and with it loosing all data, backups, databases and content on the web site. With weary hearts, and an monumental passion for Blue Man Group, Hans and Marco slowly rebounded.

On a random day in September 2012, Joe decides to forward both the old domain names of bluemanfans.com and bluemanlibrary.com to the official fan base at bmgfans.com, opening a door to something even more grand than we all could imagine. Now with all their efforts, knowledge and skills combined, Marco, Hans and Joe have sent out on a new journey together, and BMGFans.com has been reborn into a massive community site for Blue Man Group fans worldwide. Within these pages, fans will find the familiarities of former days, and fresh interpretations for today's modern fan base. We hope you enjoy this web site and more importantly, all the content we've poured into it. Happy downloading friends!

Marco, Joe and Hans,
BMGFans.com Admins

Blue Man Group at the Monte Carlo

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LAS VEGASBlue Man Group, the international entertainment phenomenon, unveils its newest production complete with electrifying music, sensational technology, a captivating nightly procession and its signature interactive, audience experiences. The show opens inside Monte Carlo Resort and Casino Wednesday, Oct. 10.

"With the new show, we really wanted to have fun, take risks and do something different," said Chris Wink, co–founder of Blue Man Group. "We're the only show that combines robots and inventive technology with comedy and inspiring theatrics. It's an over–the–top experience, that I don't think you can find anywhere else on the Strip."

The energy kicks off on Monte Carlo's casino floor with a dazzling procession of musical joy and luminescence, which can best be described as an energetic percussive parade designed by a mad scientist. The surging, intoxicating beat will fill the casino as Blue Man Group launches a Percussipede, a musical centipede of percussion instruments, musicians, robots and puppets co–created with world–renowned 3–D designer Michael Curry. Each day, 45 minutes prior to the first show, a Blue Man groove will weave and shake its way through the casino; a musical celebration that will lure and entice unsuspecting visitors into the magical, imaginative world that is Blue Man Group.


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